we build smart brands. here's how_

1. Learn

We begin all projects by performing market research through client/consumer meetings, questionnaires, surveys and competitor analysis and assess primary objectives via our findings. This in turn becomes a primary brand objective & project plan with a summary of target markets, positioning concepts and potential production outlets.

2. Define

All findings, research, data and client objectives are summarized into a defined brand promise, with focused target point and intermediate guidelines for production frameworks. These components are translated to both client and agency side directors. Team members, designers and project managers are then ascribed to a collaborative production schedule armed with a clear brand promise and a defined project objective.

3. Design

With all contextual collateral in hand, our commercial designers, copywriters, web developers and multimedia production artists deliver multiple concepts and refinements for all media outlets covering print, web and multimedia production streams. Client response and feedback is effectively maintained and implemented during this process, ensuring the brand objective and project plan stays true to course.

4. Integrate

Integration into all consumer contact points are initiated, ensuring total consistency across all production streams. Identity standards, usage guidelines and web based marketing tools are tested and finalized. Primary integration of all marketing materials, media buying, distribution and sourcing commences. All production items are evaluated by agency and client side directors and final amendments are made to all materials prior to full scale launch.

5. Evolve

Post launch surveys, research and testing rate the performance and initial response of newly launched materials. We incorporate financial and online metrics where applicable to determine the direct impact of materials on revenue and brand association. Our findings provide the basis for a post launch strategy and maintenance plan outlining key objectives for future marketing initiatives.

Brand Consistency

In our opinion, the most important asset of a successful brand is a winning context and consistent presentation. A well positioned brand that consistently conveys its objectives and identity will always maintain its presence among competitors. We offer an integrated solution that ensures well conceived concepts and consistent brand representation across all media formats and target driven initiatives. In tandem with our materials, we develop and document clear ideologies and methodologies ensuring total brand standardization and consistency - always.

Superior Client Service

The most frequent concern we hear from our clients is the lack of personal service and attention they receive from other marketing agencies. One of Emblem’s strongest assets is our dedication and commitment to our clients and their needs. We stop at nothing to ensure our clients are satisfied with our performance and the materials we produce. We manage client involvement via process driven methodologies, so that all variables of client care are considered. More so, we believe client input ensures brand loyalty and we welcome our clients’ involvement in the development and analysis processes.

Passion & Experience

Our substantial industry experience coupled with our diverse professional services define Emblem as one of Canada’s fastest rising boutique brand development and marketing agencies. Founded by Executive Director Rohit Sardana in 2007, Emblem is comprised of a close-knit network of talented associates that collectively share over 15 years of related industry experience.

Our diverse relationships with national brands such as House of Blues Canada & President’s Choice as well as corporate and boutique businesses alike make us a well rounded service firm, understanding the objectives of large and medium scale marketing initiatives.

Our passion lies in building effective, forward thinking brands through a well crafted approach and methodology. In unifying offerings under a single branding services umbrella, we provide our clients with a total solution for all facets of corporate branding.